1-On-1 Mentoring

Children and youth in our program have the opportunity to be lead by a trained and approved mentor.

In the 1 on 1 program we spend our time with each child or youth developing a plan to strengthen their weakness whether it be in the home, school or community by providing an compassionate experience where we teach life skills, leadership training, in effort to change their stories from bad to good. In this program we spend 3 to 12 hour per month with the child. We don’t reinvent the wheel. We allow the child a chance for a kid to be a kid. We laugh at their jokes. We celebrate their achievements. We help set goals that they are excited to chase. We encourage them to be their best. Respect and kindness always wins. No matter the outcomes, if they gave their best, they listened, we let them know we are proud. This 1 on 1 program is built for the person who believes that impacting even just one child for the better, creates another future leader that will look back and know that someone cared, that no one gave up on them. Because that’s all they are used to, it’s all they know. We have the opportunity to change that.

Home Visitation

Foster care children living in homes with multiple brothers and sisters often have the hardest time self-developing. Our program addresses the hardest need in the most challenging hours.

We visit the home two to four times per month to provide group mentoring for the children in their exact living surroundings. Our year plan for each family recognizes birthdays, holidays, school events and more, so that each child has something to look forward to not just in a mentor, but the building relationship of a life long friend. Our program focuses on teaching areas of neglect, substance abuse, anger, anxiety, depression and guides each child towards positive behavior development, goal setting, monitoring each child’s individualized growth at becoming their best potential. This model is built to help the child and the family.


Camps are provided year round to foster care and at-risk children to spend quality time with other children challenged with like situations in life.

Summer, winter, spring and fall camps are designed to bring the best joy out for each child. Team buildinag games, individualized child recognition, and the celebration of hope are just a few things we look forward to giving each child at camp. The camp experience allows children to be kids in a controlled environment where they are taught skills and activities they will come face to face with in life. Songs, dances, fishing, boating, bon fires, arts and crafts, swimming, archery, kayaking, sports, hikes, hayrides, sledding are just some of the many joyful activities we provide at camp. Trained staff are there to help each child have the time of their lives, while caring for their every need. We have seen at camp, that a few days away and care for the child can positively change their lives forever. Studies show that the removal of technology and creative freedom have been proven to help children become better students inside the classroom.

Special Events

Our programs focused attention model allows each child or youth to build strong relationships with our team.

We don’t want to be the team that shows up on Christmas and doesn’t see the family for an entire year. Whether it be a birthday, major holiday, school, church or specialized event, we are there to support and engage with the child. We want them to know they always have someone rooting in their corner for them to be their best, to show up when they say they are going to show up, to take a phone call, to put action behind their words. We look forward to life long memories where each child can look back at some of the most rewarding, positive moments in their lives. We hope those moments were times where we could step in and provide. These special events allow each child to have keepsake special memories.