About Us

Love For A Child™ is an approved and active 501c3 Non-profit Organization servicing Michigan’s foster care, low income, and at-risk communities.

Love for a Child is a year round program focusing on areas of mentoring for children, youth and young adults challenged by circumstances of abuse, neglect, and behavioral issues.  Our program has delivered over a 92% success ratio of children who have reported positive outcomes and outputs improving behaviors, developing life skills and leadership training.

Our mission at Love For A Child™ is to “Rewrite the story for at-risk children and youth through actions authentic love.” When we hear about stories of children who are severely hurt, abused, or living in fear we can’t help but want to step in to provide a safe place for these kids to be heard, listened to and cared for. Our trained and dedicated teams understand kids are meant to be kids, to have a childhood where their creative minds are explored and their smallest achievements are celebrated. Over 70% of children abused before the age of ten years old who have suffered some form of abuse become reliable to medications and drugs to cope with their surroundings. Almost 62% of foster care children in Michigan who have lived in traumatized life settings before the age of ten, will not graduate high school and revert to dropping out or potential substance abuse.

do we help?

Our mentoring programs are created and developed with nothing more than the intent to build each individual child or youth to their best potential, celebrating their achievements and recognizing their growth skills.

Our goal is to give the childhood back to the children who have had theirs stolen, educate them to become the best form of greatness that their heart and mind can be. We accomplish this through mentoring, leadership skills built on the every day premise that our words always hold true and that we will be there for every child in our program to encourage through young adulthood.  We reach for the unreached. We encourage the discouraged. We give our hearts for the fearful. We care for the orphan. We give hope to the hopeless. We make sure each child and youth is cared for in its most true, authentic definition.  

We allow the kid to be a kid.

Our Founders

Joseph and Michelle Savalle are from Michigan and have been working with fostered, abused and at-risk children for over 15 years. Together they have provided mentoring individually and in group settings for children and youth. In 2011 the statistics of these specific groups had reached an all time high due to Michigan economic downfall, leaving under privileged families in a worse spot than ever. Over 15,000 children alone are active in Michigan’s foster care system. Joseph and Michelle created, Love for a Child™, to help change these staggering numbers. They believe that dedicated time, compassion to care, and a heart of hope will guide these children to become leaders in their schools, homes, and communities. Their heart for the programs they build will always be truly about, love for a child.