More than mentorship, we are a traveling family!


Foster children and youth in our program have the opportunity to be led by trauma informed and trained mentors, post attendance to one of our camps. In the 2-on-1 mentor program, approved time is spent with each child in their home or through a field trip styled session, to develop a plan to target and improve areas of concern in the child’s situation, school or community. Mentors partner with children to address challenging behaviors and overcome barriers towards success. This part of the program is designed to increase their ability to cope with a variety of life circumstances; to guide them in developing essential life skills; and to help them set and reach goals. Additional leadership training is provided to older youth, empowering them to lead and influence younger peers facing similar circumstances. Mentors will spend their time in approved sessions to serve the child and/or youth and their families, to be a resource, provide respite and be an outreach for a child in need.

Our mentor program over the years has operated on the premise, that intentional effort to reach the child can show true outcomes in their childhood, producing positive memories and a forever friendship. Our goal is to help transition the child through some of their most tough times, be there through the years, and pray they would choose to create a legacy to call their own. We see this often now, children attend our camps, enter our mentor program for years and choose to give back to a foster child in need, exactly where it started for them by becoming a volunteer with us. For when a foster child moves placements, new homes, new cities and is filled with fear, Love for a Child mentors hopes to be the constant in their ever changing lives. Our heart is to serve, support and be there for each child, or what we call, the traveling family.