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Love for a Child is a Michigan non-profit charitable organization, helping children of trauma, living in foster care. Our program helps children of abuse, abandonment and neglect in a year long experience that consists of summer camps across Michigan, dedicated monthly mentorship sessions and tailored resources for families in need.

This video shows that whether foster child or adult, our lives can be changed forever by simple moments. They change our hearts to better understand hope, reminding us that life can offer lots of letdown and loss, but all of that can be mended and restored through love.

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The Greatest Gift

The Greatest Gift is a love story about a program we call, Love for a Child. In this message of joy and hope, children of foster care and a team of dedicated volunteers find passion, purpose and peace in a place we call kids camp. This place allows you to be your best self, letting your guard down and knowing there are people who see your heart for all its worth. The Greatest Gift is knowing that Gods love is always there for us, in the storm and in the light. It never fails, keeps no score and comforts us in time of need. This love is perfect. It's our Why.

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A Foster Care Story | Marvin

Love for a Child is a Michigan based charity serving children of foster care who have experienced trauma in the forms of abuse, abandonment and neglect. Marvin, a former child of foster care was part of our program for 3 years. He brought a personality that everyone found contagious, being filled with laughter, deep emotion and compassion.

In this video we showcase how children of care are wanting the simple fulfillment of creating childhood moments to look back on, while sharing a message of encouragement to other children seeking to find their forever home.

We believe Kids should be Kids. Hope can help heal the hurt. Fears turned into freedom. Trauma turned into trust and the loss replaced by actions of love. To learn more about our camps, mentorship and resources, visit us online at

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Timmy | A Foster Care Story

This is Timmy, a Love for a Child Camp Counselor. In 2008, Timmy (Age 10) showed up to a camp as a foster child seeking hope. Having faced many challenges of foster care in Michigan, Timmy was statistically destined to have a hard life, predicted to fail at most things due to the harsh outcomes of Michigan’s foster care system. Timmy, a fighter, would become stronger than imaginable, accomplishing goals most children and teens do not in the system. Most importantly, 11 years later he would choose to volunteer at Love for a Child summer camp, to the very foster kids, where it all began for him stepping off the bus. This is Timmy's story. A true story about bravery and encouragement. We believe Kids should be Kids, to replace the hurt with hope. For everything that we do is authentically and wholeheartedly, Love for a Child.

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A book was created to inform and educate children about this amazing camp! A story of bravery all kids should hear and see. Every book sold helps send a child to camp to experience this very impact. Buy this book at

Love For a Child
A Michigan 501(C)3 helping children of foster care and trauma

The Royal Welcome

Love for a Child Kids Camp offers summer camp experiences to children of foster care across the Great Lakes state of Michigan. In this video, we showcase our volunteers who have prepared for one entire year for the arrival of the children on the bus, something we call, "The Royal Welcome." We pray and wait for this moment yearly as it begins the most life changing week camp for both foster child and adult. Enjoy!


Love For A Child Kids Camp

Love For A Child Kids Camp is a one week opportunity for children in foster care in Michigan to feel like royalty, be filled with laughter and create positive life long memories. All children who attend this camp have experienced trauma through abuse, abandonment and neglect.

Love for a Chid host a FREE week to these children to be reminded that there are compassionate people who care, who step away from reality for one week to simply allow, Kids to be Kids.

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A children's book was created to inform and educate all families on the bravery of these children. Each book sold supports sending a child to one of our camps. Please go to

Hype Reel 2.0

Love for a Child is a foster care charity serving children ages 6-12 who have experienced forms of abuse, abandonment and neglect. This video is a reel of hyped, exciting and memorable moments from our camps throughout Michigan.

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Hype Reel

Love for a Child Kids Camp Hype Reel is a short snippet that gives a visual look into the exciting camp experience we host throughout Michigans Great Lakes! Visit for more videos and information. ...

Love for a Child (Short)

Love for a Child | Foster care charity kids simply being kids. ...